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Road Trip

SITS Day 29. Have you ever been on a road trip? Was it a good or bad experience?

Anytime we are together, it usually involves food or the beach.  So, several years back when Kainoa, Adrel and I decided to spend our Prince Jonah Kuhio holiday visiting the other side of the island, we were rather excited.  But, we promised ourselves that we would not spend more than $50 on food for the ENTIRE day trip.  Kainoa did a great job of keeping track of our expenditures, and sure enough we came a few dollars under budget!  Yahoo!

Highlights included stopping at Earl’s Pa’aulio Store to try their famous sushi bento rolls.   They have invented the best “eat and go” food.  Each bite is savory and very filling, too. Many rolls include a huge chunk of spam. They also have another store in Waimea town that also carries bento boxes, and hot foods.

Teri Beef Roll.  Photo Credit

Teri Beef Roll. Photo Credit:

After a short drive from Pa’auilo, we headed to Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea.  This was our first experience at this local cafe.  Man the portions are humungous.  Between the three of us we shared an order of the Kalua Pig Omelet (which included rice, hash brown and pancakes).


Side order of pancakes, please.

After such a hardy meal, our designated driver Adrel, took us on the path towards Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.  Even with all of our stops, we still managed to get there just in time to secure one of the 25 beach parking spots.  Usually if you are just visiting for the day, you have to get there super early, otherwise you have to wait for someone to leave, or simply drive over to a nearby beach, such as Hapuna Beach State Recreational Park.

Shore Break

Adrel enjoying the shore break

Even after spending a chunk of time floating in the warm waters of the Pacific, we still had enough time to head over to Costco in Kailua-Kona to grab some pizza for dinner.  Our ten and a half hour road trip was filled with laughter, listening to a mix medley of country & pop, and dreaming of our next big adventure.