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Jump in the Deep Blue

Describe your own form of bliss” – In a box or under the sun, in a soft smile or sweet song, in a bath full of bubbles or a night on the town…

I love when the skies over Hilo are blue and clear, especially when the sun is shining through.  To escape the heat, I love driving over to Four-Miles Beach as I think it is the best place to be when you want to leave all your troubles behind, too.  The water is crystal clear.  You can see the fish and turtles swimming.  The most breathtaking aspect about this beach is that when you first break through the crisp water you can feel the cool water rushing over your warm body.  This beach has a fresh spring feeding into one of the coves which makes the water sweet and a bit cooler than other parts of the shoreline.

Four Miles

Carlsmith Beach Park, aka Four Miles Beach (Hilo, Hawai’i)                                                     Photo Credit: Edith Adkins

My form of bliss is swimming in the ocean.  Four Miles beach is one of my favorite spots in Hilo as not many people frequent it due to the limited parking spots.  I remember as a little girl my aunt’s wedding ring slipped off her finger while swimming at this beach.  We all stood still and since the water was so clean and clear, we were able to find it with in minutes.


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  1. This sounds like the ideal place to rest and recuperate – what bliss to be under the sun, lolling around in the water! Thanks for your entry.

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