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Weekly Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

Learning to read at a very young age meant never being lonely. As an only child, I both lost and found myself in books. In fact, some of my best friends were characters in my favorite books, like Ramona Quimby, Jo March, and Elizabeth Bennet, whose personalities influenced my own. Getting to know their outgoing characters definitely helped to quell the social awkwardness, that might’ve come  with being an only child.

I began writing, as a kid, under my uncle’s and aunt’s encouragement. Being a voracious reader, they recognized my colorful imagination, so my uncle created blank homemade booklets for me and soon, all of the interesting stories that popped up in my head were put to paper. Although they weren’t stories and novels of epic proportions, they served as an outlet for all the creative churn that came with being an introverted only child with an overactive imagination.

Writing had become such a part of my daily existence back then that I distinctly remember sitting in an entrance interview to attend a boarding school as a 7th grader and being asked by the interviewer, what I wanted to do for a living. Without much thought, I blurted out, “A writer”. Never mind that I didn’t really enjoy English class and found grammar to be too dry. What I loved back then was being able to pen thoughts, ideas, and stories without care of being right or wrong. The freedom of a blank page was exciting.

I still find it to be so, even though my career has taken me in a very different direction. It wasn’t until we started Holoholo Girls one year ago that I began to write regularly. Prior to our blog, writing was reserved for long weekends or rare bouts of creativity. So far, I’ve posted essays, reflections, a haiku, even a short dialogue in pidgin, but I still have pages of fiction and song compositions that I’m not so ready to share with the rest of the world. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll muster up the courage to post something from that collection, but for now, they’ll stay safely tucked away.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections |