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Pedi-cure Therapy

SITS Day 24: If you are a parent, how do you make time for yourself?

Towards the final days of my pregnancy, one of my friends told me to enjoy each day to the fullest.  Some suggestions were to go chill at the beach or go out on a date with my partner or treat myself to a spa day.  I recall questioning her on these suggestions, as I thought it was ludicrous.  Why would I need to take some free time for myself when there was so much I had to do to prepare for the birth of my baby? I also felt guilty as all of my friends did a lot to help me get ready for the baby’s arrival, too.  I already felt like I was being pampered.

Well, fast forward to one-year, and now I totally get what my friend was trying to convey to me.  The days go by with a blur and my entire day is focused on one little being.  I love my baby, but at times I just need a little break.  In the beginning, I was happy when I could take a shower that included thoroughly washing out the shampoo from my hair.  Now, I am trying to balance having a normal routine, but what I had originally planned for the day some how seems to morph into something totally different.  So when the opportunity presents itself, I find that all I want to do to is spend it alone.   Perhaps this will change as my baby grows older and she can have a conversation with me, but right now, “me” time is all I ask.

At the moment, I think getting a pedicure is the best “me” time therapy.  I used to enjoy them a lot prior to my baby’s arrival, but now, I find the ritual of getting my toe nails done to be ecstatic.  Being able to pick out what ever color I want to sparkle some life back into my toes is fun.  I love soaking my feet in the warm water with wedges of lemons and oranges.  I find sitting in the massage chair to invigorate the energy back into my tired back muscles.  I never did think eavesdropping on the other patrons nonsense conversations would actually be soothing to my ears. And, who would have thought that another person massaging my achy legs would be so relaxing.  This simple service to my feet and toes is the best form of therapy that I can prescribe for any mom out there, too.


  1. I just had a pedicure for the first time since my daughter was born (she’s now 1) and it was amazing! I had forgotten how relaxing they are!

  2. Ah yes, the luxury of a shower. =D I haven’t had a professional pedicure in a couple of years. My problem is finding a place that I feel does a good job cleaning their tubs and equipment, so I end up doing it myself (which is not as relaxing).

    • Yes, finding a place that sanitizes their equipment properly can be challenging. I hope you find a place so you can enjoy one. I never thought a pedicure would become my go to activity on my alone time.

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