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new beginnings…

words written, photo taken, and permission given to post by Liane’s friend, Melissa

       I had been unhappy. Well, maybe not unhappy, per se, but not happy. There IS a difference, you know? I needed to make some changes, the biggest and most difficult change being quitting my job. But I was the main breadwinner and had been for the past decade. With the reluctant and fearful support of my husband, I submitted my notice. I knew I had made the right decision when as soon as I pressed “Send” (I resigned via email), an immense amount of relief rushed over me. I had never felt more sure about a decision as big as this before. Especially since I’ve been a mother of three… three little ones who rely on me, my love, my support, and, least importantly but most necessary, my income. As rash and irresponsible as this decision may seem, it was one I had been contemplating for at least two years. So it was time. The timing may not seem ideal (three kids, two mortgages, student loans, bills, etc.), but it was right. The right time to move on and explore new beginnings.

It’s been almost three months since I left. I’ve learned, grown, relaxed, organized, purged, reflected, and pursued. The highlights of this time have been mostly personal, which, at times, still makes me feel extremely selfish. As a Mommy, I feel selfish for taking time for myself. But it was much needed. Very much needed. Topping my list are learning to be a more involved/present/patient Mommy (remember I was the main breadwinner for the past decade while my husband did the hardest and under recognized job of stay-at-home Daddy), and studying for my Nursing Home Administrator’s license. Smaller achievements have been perfecting my Photoshop skills, purging clutter by selling on eBay, blogging and learning everything that goes with it along the way, learning to crochet, and reconnecting with friends. I could not have realistically pursued/achieved as much personal growth as I have in these past three months without giving up and working on parts of me that felt stifled, unappreciated, unfulfilled, and just plain ol’ tired.

Some of the tools that have helped me with my journey to new beginnings:

  • Pinterest (for relaxation, inspiration, motivation, recipes, etc.)
  • Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook (for worksheets/tools to help my own children but also for motivation in creating my own tools to share)
  • Dropbox (to save all my study material, photos, creative ventures/patterns, blog drafts, resume, etc. for easy access on all my devices)
  • Upworthy and Mashable (for news, opinion, entertainment)
  • Podcasts: Work that Matters (make work meaningful and a source of joy and optimism), TEDTalks (for ideas worth spreading), Stuff You Should Know (general knowledge), Grammar Girl (quick and dirty tips for better writing)
  • Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard (leadership book to turn on the people in any organization)
  • WordPress (my work-in-progress blog)

New beginnings can be intimidating but extremely fulfilling. I have no regrets and I hope that anyone needing a change can be as fortunate as I have been these past three months to explore new beginnings leading to immeasurable personal growth. I look forward to new beginnings as a financially poorer but personally richer human being. Here’s to new beginnings…

logo-medium.jpgLiane {meraki geek} is a left-brain heavy professional seeking rich right-brain balance. Mommy to a very thoughtful son and rambunctious identical twin girls (one sweet and girlie, one book-smart and intense), wife to her highschool sweetheart, and self-proclaimed wannabe hippie geek, Liane believes in researching everything (literally) and trying her best to practice less is more, the three r’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), lifelong learning, and personal growth with meraki.


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  2. Deborah the Closet Monster says

    This time last year, I was in a very bad place at work. It was physically toxic to me, but I was the breadwinner, the job market was not great, and I had to keep putting on my game face/finding the good things and going though I wanted to cry every day. My husband told me to quit, that we’d find a way, but I couldn’t believe it.

    Now, in light of the year passed since, I understand what my husband meant when he said I was bringing home more than a paycheck. I was bringing home pain, and sadness, and fear. And I can see so much more clearly where a paycheck fits in the scheme of things. Sure, I will always want more stability than less, but now I know there is so much more than money involved in that equation. That knowledge, though hard won, is sweet.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. We’re very fortunate to have husbands that care more about us and our well-being than our paychecks. Isn’t it amazing how little we actually need to live comfortable and fulfilling lives? Learning this alone was a blessing in disguise. Congratulations on making the decision to end the toxicity.

  3. I am very proud of you and admire you for making the decision to leave a secure job and find happiness. You are a very gifted and talented woman, and I know that you will go very far in what ever you set your heart on. Enjoy the journey! Mahalo for sharing your story on Holoholo Girls. =)

    • Thanks, Carolina! And thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart, for extending this opportunity to be a guest contributor. Your generosity kick-started this new chapter in my life as a blogger and brought me one step closer to fulfilling my New Years Resolution of maintaining a blog. I really enjoy reading all of Holoholo Girls’ posts.

    • Thank you, I definitely feel like I’m headed in the right direction too. And, yes, Pinterest is an excellent source for inspiration….although as I’m learning more about this world of blogging, I’m finding so much inspiration in all these pages of posts. I love it!

  4. I want to join you deeply. I am not the bread winner and only work part time but my dream is to be a full time homeschooling mother with my kids around me all the time. 🙂 I admire you.

    • Thank you, Becka! Keep on working toward your dream. When the time is right, everything will fall into place and work out however it’s meant to be.

  5. I think you made the right choice. I also worked for many years – and decided to stop working when we got pregnant with our second – we now have four and I am still a stay at home mom and loving it. I was able to start my own home business and that has helped but I choose my own hours and how busy I want to be. It is really rejuvenating when you are finally able to follow through with things and make choices that will change the future for the better. The best of luck to you.

    • Hi Coralie! Thank you for your support. I’m so glad you are in a good place for you and your family. Congratulations on your business and best wishes for continued happiness.

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