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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

We walked along the shoreline of the Yongmeori Coast on Jeju-do, South Korea, and stopped at a make-shift station operated by two women selling fresh seafood. Large plastic basins were filled with cool water to keep loads of brown conch and bright orange sea squirts alive. Bottles of beer were also strategically and suggestively placed in the basins to entice visitors.

We decided to indulge in the experience and as we waited, the women cracked open the conches and cut into the sea squirts, slicing them up for us to enjoy al fresco. It was the first time we tried these two foods and were all pleasantly surprised at how yummy they actually were. If we had been free of responsibilities after our little excursion, we might’ve indulged in ice cold beers as well.

Oh well… There’s always a next time.




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