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Lunch, what?!

Whew, it’s been long day. One event done, and another one scheduled later today.  I have 20 minutes of a break for lunch.  I am hemming and hawing if I should grab lunch down at Island Naturals or pick up a spam musubi from the lunch kiosk.  Do I have time to drive down to the store?  Will I be able to make it back and enjoy my meal? As I contemplate what to eat for lunch, I watch a flurry of people walking past me.  A see a group of folks chatting and laughing near a picnic bench.  I glance in another direction and there is a group huddled in a corner peering intently at a laptop screen.  Geez, why cannot I decide what to eat.  Then, I get a whiff of coffee being prepared at the coffee cart a few yards away.  My stomach is growling with anger.   I know lunch has come and gone, but I need to refuel.  Hmm, maybe I’ll just grab a chai latte and a muffin at the coffee cart.  Yeah, that sounds good.  I’ll have to settle for this at the moment.

DP Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts