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Christmas Decorations

My mom is the festive person in our family.  She loves Christmas because it gives her a reason to decorate the house.  When we last visited Peru, it was during the Christmas season.  So, she made sure we picked up a nativity scene from the Mercado Indio.  She is very proud to display this nativity scene in the house.

Peruvian Nativity Scene

My mom always insists that we put up our stockings.  They may not all be the same size or color, but what matters is that we have them all up in the same place.  Near the stockings, my mom also puts up all the Christmas cards we receive from family and friends.  We seem to have a medley of Christmas decorations throughout the house.

Mele Kalikimaka

One tradition we are trying to uphold is to collect at least one new Christmas ornament a year to add to our tree.  When I was a child I made a bunch of ornaments in school, which my mom has kept.  She carefully wraps each one and safely stores them so we can use again the following year.  In addition, I have a few talented friends who have given me beautiful handmade ornaments.


We usually keep the house decorated until the end of January.  I have one auntie who loves decorating her home for Christmas – every main room inside the house is decorated as well as her front lawn.  It normally took her a month to decorate her home for the holidays, so one year she decided she was going to keep the Christmas decorations up all year long.  Any time of the year, if we feel the need to experience Christmas, we stop by her house and admire all her decorations.  Though it may take a lot of time to clean, it makes her happy.

Christmas is a special time of year.  There are so many movies that depict the magic of Christmas.  It is a time of believing and seeing all the good around us.  Though we all have our own traditions, Christmas decorations tends to bring out the creativity in each one of us.

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  1. Humor_Me_Now says

    I see that the Merry Christmas is in Hawaiian. We love Hawaii.

    I really like your moms nativity scene—very cute.


  2. Wow…I missed this great post…almost 😉 Lovely! And a Merry Christmas to you from Pixelventures!

      • No problem, found you ping this morning…we don’t usually have a closing date on the prompts…but I’m glad you got this in on time! 🙂

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