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Gratitude, Love, & Peace

IMG_0139The aggressive commercialization of Christmas that has breached Thanksgiving Day concerns me. How can we spend a few hours of the day in grace and gratitude, while a few hours later, we are aggressive, often vicious, in edging each other out for the commercial goods we hope express the love and care we feel for the intended recipient?

Love is not found in Black Friday sales ads. It’s not wrapped up in pretty paper and magnificent bows. These days, time is much more valuable than anything money can buy at a reduced price. It is the most precious commodity during the holiday season, that we often squander away in check-out lines at God-forsaken hours of the day. With time, we can create meaningful memories that will be with us long after that 60″ flatscreen flickers to its death.

Today, immerse in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Celebrate the culmination of a year spent in appreciation, all the while taking stock in the blessings and daily miracles of our lives. Forego activities that limit the expanse of your light. And above all, be kind and generous in spirit and with time. Spend your precious hours of this day in the company of your favorite people and doing what you love.

Let there be peace and gratitude on earth today and everyday, and above all, let it begin and end with each and every one of us.