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Holoholo Girls: Lessons from a Multi-Author Blog

DSC_0488It started off as a casual Facebook instant messaging session between friends in three different towns, that over the course of 2 hours, grew into the biggest (and probably best) cockamamie idea we’ve ever had. What ensued over the next 48 hours was a virtual upchucking of random ideas that resulted in what you now know as Holoholo Girls.

As friends, we already share similar interests, so coming up with topics wouldn’t be an issue, but when the idea for Holoholo Girls came about, we were all going through some major life transitions. We thought the blog could be a place for us to explore our interests, to document memories, to traverse the blogosphere and meet with people from all walks of life, but it could also serve as a place for us to process transitions.

DSC_0381Now, 6 months since we began, we continue to happily chug along; finding new adventures, making new memories, expanding horizons, breaching lines of comfort, and yes, growing. Writing has never been so gratifying and educational!

Since starting the blog, some of our friends have asked us how and why we started Holoholo Girls. Many of them have expressed interest in starting blogs of their own and we continue to nudge and encourage them to jump in, head first. Here’s how we took the plunge:

Safety in Numbers: The thought of trying to manage a blog on your own is daunting. We all wanted to commit, but we all have crazy schedules that would make posting on a regular basis nearly impossible, so we went all in… together. It’s also been helpful to lean on friends for support and encouragement during the writing process.

“Capitalize” on Individual Talents: We give lone bloggers props for being able to manage everything on their own: blog customization, social media outreach, graphic arts, and of course, writing and photography. For Holoholo Girls, we decided to play up to our strengths and created niches for ourselves in the group dynamic. We’re each leaders within the collaborative, but hold ourselves individually accountable for publishing good work.

Communicate: With a multi-author blog, communication is key just so there are no misunderstandings and challenges! We created a Facebook group to use as a workspace and to communicate ideas. How we’re managing this without ever meeting in person still boggles my mind.

Utilize a Posting Schedule: In consideration of our respective commitments, we created a posting schedule. The blog would then be updated at least twice a week and it got us in the habit of writing. Don’t be afraid to prep things in advance and schedule your post for a future date.

Be Flexible: We began featuring a “Stuff We Love” post every week and take turns writing for it. It’s something we all feel comfortable writing about, so we’ve stuck to it, but if “Stuff We Love” out lives its purpose, it’ll be perfectly fine. Features will evolve because bloggers and their blogs evolve. It’s okay.

Be Bold! Try New Stuff: We are participating in NaBloPoMo this month, thanks to Carolina’s encouragement. It’s certainly testing our limits, but it’s teaching us a lot about who we are as bloggers. There’s so much beyond what’s comfortable. We also encourage our friends to write for Holoholo Girls. It allows them the opportunity to try blogging in a safe space, without having to start an entire blog themselves. We’ve loved their insight and working with them!

Again, thanks to you, our faithful readers and followers, for the love these past 6 months. We’ll continue to work hard on Holoholo Girls. Mahalo!