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Gratitude at Dusk

#NaBloPoMo, Day 13: What is your favorite hour of the day?

One of my favorite colors is orange.  Not the vibrant red-orange, nor the bright pink-orange, but more of an orange with a tinge of coral and yellow.  This shade of orange can usually be found at dusk and sometimes at dawn.  When ever the opportunity presents itself, I am thankful to witness a lovely sunset on a clear day.  As the sun sets, my favorite shade of orange is present.  The orange glow from the sunset is mesmerizing and breathtaking.  It is so unfortunate that the moment happens so quickly.

Sunset at Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

Sunset at Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area (photo credit: Adrel Vicente)

As dusk approaches, I look forward to unwinding for the day with a hot cup of tea and Nag Champa.  During this time, I take the opportunity to reflect on the blessings in life and how grateful I am to have another day to enjoy with my friends and family.  Another day will begin tomorrow, but I am thankful that today I did my best.