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Come Fly with Me…to Greece

Cruise ship docked in port of Aegina

Cruise ship docked in port of Aegina

One of my most memorable trips was to Greece, where I participated in the first SWY Global Assembly to see old friends and make new ones, “Once a PY, Forever a PY!”  The adventure began the moment we landed in Athens, Greece.  Since we had arrived a few days prior to the GA, our host informed us at the airport, we had the option to go sailing or to visit with another SWY member and his family in Aegina, Greece.  We decided to visit Aegina, as it was only a short ferry ride away.

It was a fabulous journey getting there, meeting with a local Greek family, and consuming delicious foods!  This is where I tried a “Greek” salad engulfed with huge chunks of feta cheese.    We also went swimming for the first time in the Aegean Sea.  The water was salty and warm.  But after traveling on a plane for almost two days, it was so refreshing and relaxing.

Port of Souvala (Aegina, Greece)

Port of Souvala (Aegina, Greece)

Later that evening, a huge storm approached Aegina. Looking out to the calm Port of Souvala in Aegina, who would have guessed that we would be stranded on the island with just the clothes on our back.  Luckily the family we visited had an extra spare room for us.  We stayed the night and the next morning decided to not let this small hiccup interrupt our plans.  So, we jumped on the next ferry to visit Hydra.

Couldn’t resist today’s WPDP.  Who doesn’t love to travel and experience adventure.  When ever I travel I love to try all the local dishes.  What about you?  What do you enjoy when you travel?


  1. Lady Kryson says

    Ugh… I’m starving now! Great pics. I hope to make it to Greece someday.

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