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Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

“Music is powerful: it conjures memories, emotions, and people and things of the past. It’s not only a trigger, but an outlet to express who we are. For this challenge, pick one song and write about it — or use it as inspiration for a post.”

It was my first year of boarding school and the neighboring (boy’s) dorm was hosting a dance in their lounge, the first of the season, and I was looking forward to it. Boarding school was a new beginning. To be 14 and moderately independent was liberating. I had moved from Kaua’i, where back then, like Cheers, everybody knew your name, but they also knew your family, acquaintances, recent whereabouts, and if applicable, criminal records.

It was a beautifully warm night so I threw on a cute top and shorts and headed out to meet my new classmates and dorm sisters in the lounge before heading over. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in one of the windows and sighed. Gangly, long-limbed, and battling frizzy hair, it would likely not be a night of teenage romance, but instead, a night of fun spent with new friends, which was way better and more developmentally appropriate for a small-town girl like me.

Truth be told, I had hoped to meet my own “Jake Ryan” at the dance. Sixteen Candles was, and still is, an all-time favorite, so understandably, I was looking for any opportunity to manifest a Sixteen Candles moment that didn’t involve The Geek, and definitely not the scene involving Jake Ryan parked outside of a place of worship, leaning against his Porsche, waiting for me so he can take me home and give me, a lowly underclassman, a birthday cake, a kiss, and my undies on loan to a freshman. No, that would be for another day.

We walked into the dark room and were instantly greeted by the loud music. People didn’t really start dancing until the halfway point, so when we got there, everyone was still up against the walls, scoping out the dark room, while Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam blared over the speakers. Probably sensing the downward spiral of the mood, the DJ mixed in Salt-n-Pepa’s Push It and like magic, we flocked to the dance floor.

At that moment, I lost myself in the music. In those three and a half minutes, I decided to suspend my hunt for “Jake Ryan”, forget about being new and awkward, and stop dwelling on being far away from home and family. It was a time to let go and relish the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of my life.

This past summer, Target crafted a back-to-school commercial with a revamped version of Push It and it made me smile. Questionable lyrics aside, for me, whenever I hear that tune, the feeling of being 14; young, carefree, and on the verge of awesome possibilities, washes over me. Hurby Luv Bug’s aspirated “Aaah, push it” is a catchy and good reminder to live life with all you’ve got and that is definitely a message for the ages.

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