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Stuff We Love: Pictionary!

The heat is on! Who doesn’t enjoy a friendly game of Pictionary?  When Adrel brought over his Pictionary game to one of our gatherings, it became the after meal ritual. Even though we are not playing for any prizes, we play to win for bragging rights.

What is Pictionary?  If you haven’t gotten around to playing it, you should check it out.  The object is to DRAW as quickly as you can so your team can name the item listed on the card you selected.  The team that is able to get from the start to finish line first wins.  There are different versions of Pictionary; I think our group can only handle the original version.  Some Pictionary sessions can get heated and it brings out the competitive nature out of some of us.  Enjoy!



  1. I love Pictionary! I used to play it with my sisters all the time when we were younger. I think we’ll have to bust it out over the holidays. =)

  2. I have never played Pictionary before, but I can definitely how it could bring out the people’s competitive sides, especially if one team had a better a artist.

    • =) Hope you get the opportunity to play Pictionary. It’s a lot of fun. Mahalo for stopping by our blog.

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