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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

무쌈 in Jeju-do

All my favorite shades of pink

Mu Ssam (무쌈), or thinly sliced pickled radish, are often used to wrap meat at Korean barbecue restaurants. I took this picture of bright pink Mu Ssam in Jeju-do, South Korea last year.

I grew up wearing a LOT of pink. By the time I was a tween, I had had enough. I experimented wearing different colors and finally settled on black as my new color. Pink represented my childhood and black, the complete polar opposite of the happy, pretty color that had dominated my wardrobe, meant “grown up” and “serious”. Black symbolized rebellion, which was befitting the awkward, acne-inflicted age of puberty. It was the first favorite color that I chose and wasn’t chosen for me.

Fast-forward to present time and I am back in love with the color. One might say women my age shouldn’t wear pink, but I don’t really care. Pink reminds me that breast cancer runs in my family while evoking memories of what it was like to be carefree, absent of worries and concerns and entirely too busy with being young. I had time to do all the things I loved during summers and long weekends.

These days, I’m not so carefree and I don’t have a lot of free time, but seeing pink triggers memories of a time when I was sublimely happy while it serves as a visual reminder to always inject fun into life whenever possible.

Which color reminds you of a beautiful time in your life?

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