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Invaluable Lessons (du jour)

Misasa, Tottori Prefecture, Japan

Misasa, Tottori Prefecture, Japan

I love forests. Whenever I’m in an old forest, I catch myself looking up, head back, mouth agape, in awe of the shards of light piercing through branches and pieces of the sky greeting me through the canopy. Standing alongside the ancients is a gentle, yet powerful reminder of exactly how young and irrelevant I am. The trees had been around for years before me and will likely continue to be there long after I’m gone. They are great teachers of resilience, patience, and humility.

When notions of self-importance begin to creep up, I take to the forest. The frequency of me-centered pronouns and inflated feelings of complacency are soon snuffed out and I am reminded that I’m really not as knowledgeable or as good as I’ve led myself to believe.

There is always more to learn.

Daily Prompt: Childlike | http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/daily-prompt-childlike/



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  5. i also enjoy the forest (or here in the city, it’s more like parks). I love the break from the urban jungle and just a quiet stroll somewhere where Nature (as opposed to Humans) rules. But I never thought about how old the trees around me are, and how much they’ve witnessed, and the humbling effect. Next time I see a tree, I will hopefully remember this fact. Looking forward to my next Nature related trip.

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