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Stuff We Love: Nag Champa (Incense)


Nag Champa

Our sense of smell can bring us pleasure, happiness, as well as disgust.  I have always been attracted to the smell of incense.  However, finding the one that works for you can be difficult.  Either you buy the whole box to later find out you don’t like it, or ask someone you know which one they would recommend.  When Kainoa, Adrel and I took yoga classes with Heather Heintz, former owner of Balancing Monkey, we would be greeted with burning incense.  Sometimes, towards the end of class, during savasana (corpse pose), Heather would burn a stick and the smell would permeate throughout the room giving me that extra push to go into that deep relaxation.

During one of my visits to Rogene’s house she was burning some incense.  I totally loved that one, and one Christmas she gifted me a box of Nag Champa.  I recently discovered that Kea’au Natural Foods sells them.  The little red box is full of magic.  When I feel down or need to just chill, I will light an incense stick and let it burn.  Pairing the incense with some good soul music is a great remedy for some “me time”.  And, if you add a nice chilled cup of lychee makgeolli, you are all good.