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Finding Balance… work hard, play hard

Relaxed poolside... just what the Dr ordered!

Relaxed poolside… just what the Dr ordered!

Summer surely is flying on by. “Mom, when are we going to da hotel?” Kodee asks. “Next Week,” I responded.  Oh my, next week is now!  In preparation for the weekend … a mom’s work is never done!  Laundry, tidying up, packing… oh joy!

But seriously, spending time with my family and creating new childhood memories for my keiki are my top priorities.  Though with long hours at work, never ending “to do” task lists, and meetings on the outer islands, making quality time for my family is challenging.  Who knew  balancing a career and family would be a work of art! But this weekend… oh, it’s on! Let’s do this!  As I leave behind my worries and stresses at work, and start the weekend present with my ohana, motherhood (and wife-hood!) sets in and life goes on. I strive to live with this approach in mind … Work hard, play hard!

Mom, check me out. Take a pic.. "shaka brah," from Kodee.

Mom, check me out. Take a pic.. “shaka brah,” from Kodee.

Packed snacks, stopped for ice and off we went to Waikoloa for our staycation!  The open road and drive to Waikoloa was beautiful and serene.  Upon our arrival to the resort, ahhh, no surprises there… straight to the pool we go! Swim suits, sunscreen, check!  Goggles, pool towels, check!  Fu-fu drink, feet up, check! Ahhh… just what we all needed.  Time together, enjoying each other’s company, splashing around… having some fun fooling around in the pool.  Takes me back to my childhood memories.  “Mom, look! Watch this, watch this.  Look at me Mom, I can swim!”

From left to right: Austin (nephew), sons Kolbee & Kekoa - pooling around

From left to right: Austin (nephew), sons Kolbee & Kekoa – pooling around

Finding balance between work and family is a challenge for all parents. I’m sure most can relate.  Date night and time with their spouse; dedication and high demands of you at work; taxi shuttle driver between sport and school activities; kid’s homework and studies; volunteer activities; church; and on top of all of that, you’ve still got to head out to extended family gatherings, events and other responsibilities. What’s the secret you ask?  Good question! When you find out the answer, let me know.  What has worked for me to stay centered and focused? Faith in Him, in me, support from my parents and guiding principles from generations before me.  I often think about what my grandfather Jose would do?  What would my parents say?  What would He say?  I take a deep breath, exhale slowly and move forward.

Brittnee & Kolbee.. summer fun

Brittnee & Kolbee.. summer fun

Self care is also important.  I need “me” time… Like going to the bathroom without interruptions and peace when I’m in the shower. When there’s high stresses in my life and all other coping strategies haven’t worked so well, then I indulge myself in a full body one hour massage, mani/pedi and have girly talks with “my girls.”  You know, the group of friends you can be yourself, be supported, and feel safe to tell all and not worry about judgement.

How do you balance your career and raise a family?