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Pohoiki Bay

Photo taken by Mikolaj Walczuk

The drive down to Pohoiki Bay is breathtaking; the road is lined with tall trees creating a lush green canopy. On a sunny day, the rays peek through the trees creating a magical feel. Closer to the shoreline, large mango trees line both sides of the road welcoming you to the beach. The day we headed to Pohoiki there were plump ripe mangos hanging on the tree tempting beach goers to stop along the way to pick a few fruits for their afternoon merenda.

The morning of our outing Rogene reminded me that we had been to this beach when we were in college. I seriously thought I had only discovered this beach since returning home almost a decade ago. Whenever I hear folks refer to Pohoiki, I only think of surf.  If you had to find it on the map, it’s labeled as Isaac Hale Beach Park. This beach is located on the east side of Hawaiʻi Island past Pāhoa town. The park is well kept with ample parking, a shower stall, mom & pop food vendors, and scattered tall trees for shade. Picnic benches and barbeque grills are readily available for spending the day with the family.

Photo taken by Adrel Vicente

Photo taken by Adrel Vicente

Last weekend after our photo shoot we decided to take advantage of the day and most of all the destination and go holoholo down to the beach. My hubby and daughter met up with us there. Luckily we got there early to find parking close to a vacant picnic table. Adrel and JQ had a good surf session and after a quick bite took baby to waddle in the small warm pool at the entrance of the boat ramp.

I also decided to take a quick dip. Everyone jumps into the water from the boat ramp. As I approached I saw all the keiki jumping in and quickly climbing out again to see who could make the biggest splash.  I was cautious, but after jumping into the clear water and swimming out to the end of the concrete pier I was so refreshed.  I stayed out for a few minutes and started to head back to the ramp when one of the kaikamāhine shouted out to me, “Auntie, are you ready to get out?”  I nodded, and she then proceeded to show me how to get out of the water by climbing the side of the ramp.  It was great feeling youthful again.

Pohoiki has so many things to discover, especially if you enjoy the ocean.  Next time, I’ll bring my snorkel gear to check out the marine life.  This might become the family beach as it has something for everyone.

Photos courtesy of Adrel Vicente


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