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Glamour Pusses

Carolina, Rogene, and I are extremely low-maintenance, so when we decided to do a photo shoot for Holoholo Girls, the topic of make-up inevitably came up. We each looked in our respective make-up bags and found that tinted lip balm was how we collectively defined “glamming up”. We needed to do something. Simply applying lip balm might’ve worked when we were 14, but being in our mid- to late 30’s means we should already be well-versed in make-up and using it on a daily basis. It would’ve been simple to tap our friends and/or professionals, but we decided to tackle this head on. It would be an adventure.

touching upWhat ensued were evenings spent researching make-up application on YouTube and Pinterest, trips to the local drug stores to aimlessly wander the beauty aisles, endless email threads discussing topics like filling in eyebrows, applying fake eyelashes, wardrobe, and finally, hours practicing the application of foundation, eye shadow, and yes, fake eyelashes.

Needless to say, our support networks were really honest and sometimes, not so encouraging. Husbands would often come home to tarantula eyelashes, eyelid creases bonded with stray eyelash glue, brown eye shadow applied in a way that looked like we were punched in the eyes, or mismatched foundation that made us 2 shades lighter or darker than our normal skin tone. It was an adjustment for all.checking poses

The best natural light is in the early morning, so we decided to head to Lava Trees Park in Pāhoa at the crack of dawn. We wrangled up our bestie, Adrel, who would also be serving as our photographer and planned the outing. The night before, we reviewed links on how to pose for photos. We were finally ready!

After weeks of preparation, we arrived, make-up, hair, and wardrobe mostly in place. We all looked great, so we embarked upon the path to find shooting locations.

We were soon whooping like hyenas and Adrel started voicing his brutally honest observations about where and how we were posing. Think robots, awkwardly moving from pose to pose, or just standing there, not knowing what to do. Carolina was in turmoil about ants, Rogene was blazing through mud in her heels, and I just wanted to pull all my hair up into a bun because the humidity was making me look like those old Wicked Wahine perfume models. The humidity was taking its toll on us, including Adrel, who was growing increasingly impatient with the lot of us.

We ended up with hundreds of pictures, but only a few will be used on the “about” and “the girls” pages of our blog. The best pictures are those that capture us in mid-laugh and there are loads!

This “cockamamie idea” of an outing, like any other Holoholo Girl activity for that matter, helps us keep our friendship fresh, despite our increasingly complicated schedules. We have been friends over the span of decades and all because we have grown to unconditionally love, support, and appreciate each other just the way we are, through good times and bad, through heartbreak, husbands, education, careers, and children.

So the next time you see your best friend(s), be sure to give them a big hug and take a selfie to mark the occasion. Fake eyelashes optional.

Here are a few behind the scenes and bloopers from yesterday. Enjoy!

a very special mahalo to adrel, who continues to put up with us and still helped us out in our moment of photographic desperation



  1. Amy says

    Looking really sizzling hot and SEXY!! I love the photos!

    • lol! thanks for dropping in. if you haven’t noticed, rogene knows how to work those poses. i have so much to learn… LOL

    • thanks so much! our bestie, adrel, recreational photographer and resident archivist, knows exactly how to capture us during fits of hyperventilating hilarity.

  2. Theresa says

    You wahines look fantastic! For the next photo shoot can you do close ups?

    • awww, mahalo, theresa! we were thinking that after the VERY steep learning curve of this past weekend, we were happy with “one and done”. if we do decide to do another, we’ll likely get some professional help.

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