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Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Father’s Day is only a week away and it will mark my husband’s biggest milestone as a father.  He has joined the ranks of fatherhood, reminding him to continuously love, care and protect our daughter.  This special day also reminds me of the relationship I have with my dad, and the one my daughter will have with my husband and my dad.

As a child, my dad had to work long hours and did not have the opportunity to spend time raising me.  Now retired, he is able to take his time navigating through all the intricacies of caring for a baby.  Seeing him change my daughter’s diaper, bottle feed followed by burping her, and of course comforting her when she cries, brings tears to my eyes.  My mom points out that he never did those things with me when I was an infant, primarily because he was exhausted from working and when he was up and ready to start his day, it was time for me to bed down.

I am fortunate that my daughter is able to spend time with my dad.  Before I was born, both of my grandfathers passed away.  I hope that she learns the art of cooking, gardening and soaks in a few Chinese words as she hangs out with my dad.  I am grateful for all the life lessons that I have gained from him.  He has taught me to be diligent, humble and most of all to be kind to others.  Though I did not spend the majority of every waking hour with my dad, I know he loved and cared for me and did the best that he could to be part of my life, even with his hectic work schedule.

My husband is looking forward to creating his own precious memories with our daughter.  Watching him navigate through the diaper changes and interpret her cries of hunger, boredom, or sleepiness has been heartwarming.  As she gets older, she will probably be hanging out with my husband learning how to kayak, fish, surf and dive.  Through these pastimes I can already see them having their heart to heart talks about life, school, and love.  The day she calls him daddy, will be an affirmation of his role as a dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads and granddads.


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